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I have worked with Dr Rick Norris for more than 5 years and can unreservedly recommend him as a Consultant Psychologist and a business partner. I have personally benefited from our numerous coaching sessions and I know that the employees within my business group greatly valued their one-to-one and our group sessions. Dr Rick formulates a tailored development plan for each individual while also looking at the dynamics across the team to ensure there is balance, harmony and effectiveness. This is a very powerful approach to rapid team building especially during periods of significant change. Dr Rick has become an integral part of the business leadership team and takes a personal interest in the business goals, the leadership team and individual performance well beyond the formality of his terms of engagement.


Senior Director • in Private Sector Outsourcing • Fujitsu.


I have worked with Dr Norris for over 8 years, in my capacity as a Business Director for Hewlett Packard ltd, formally Compaq Computer Ltd. In this time, I have found Dr Norris's insight and guidance to be of great value. His deep experience of his profession, especially in a commercial context has been very useful, especially in the areas of Organisational Design, Team building, understanding employee's strength and weaknesses and leveraging that for the good of the organisation, in order to create high performing, well balanced teams. This is all done in the context of building real implementable plans, and not for intellectual curiosity.

From a personal perspective, I have benefited greatly from the one to one coaching Dr Norris has given me, in the areas of career management, succession planning , networking and time management. I always look forward to my appointments with Dr Norris and never walk away disappointed.


Senior Director • Technical Solutions • HP


I have worked with Dr Norris since 1997. Since then Rick has coached me,  my teams, delivered management and talent development programmes and worked with our client organisations.  Additionally, Rick has run development programmes for our sales and account management professionals to enable them to be more effective in front of clients and therefore increase business.

Rick enables me to identify individuals’ strengths and motivations so we can put them to work in situations that best suit them and therefore obtain results above normal expectations. Dr Norris has consistently enabled me and our teams to outperform expectations and enable people to progress faster in their careers. 

For example, in November 2008 I was asked to take on an additional business which was making a 50% loss.  Dr Norris profiled the team while I analysed the business and strategy.  Some seven months later the business is now making 8% operating profit and is starting to grow again.


UK Country Manager • Unisys Corporation.

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