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About Rick Norris
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Dr Rick Norris 

Rick is a Chartered Psychologist who works as an Executive Coach and Organisational Development Consultant for a range of organisations in an occupational environment and his clients include a number of blue chip companies in a variety of industries as well as organisations in the public and charity sectors. Rick’s work in the corporate environment is designed to help clients gain a competitive advantage through using various psychological methodologies. 

Rick also has a keen interest in helping children and young adults to develop their working memory.


Rick is a regular contributor to BBC radio and television as well as being quoted frequently in the press on various topics relating to psychology and business.


Professionally his main interest is helping people to lead more fulfilled lives.

Born in 1959 in Portsmouth, Rick is divorced with three children, Sam, Jack and Martha. Apart from his family, his main interests are: running and keeping fit, reggae music, horse-racing and warm climates. He is also a long-suffering Pompey fan.



Chartered Psychologist

PhD in Stress Management

Levels A, B, B+ in Psychometric Testing

Diploma In Performance Coaching (Business)

Certificate In Life Coaching

IPD Diploma in Training Management
Licensed Cogmed ™ Memory Training Coach.

Author of several books

tel: 07932-002795 or e-mail rick@cssands.co.uk

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