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Our Services & Solutions include:


  • Executive Coaching – generative change strategies for successful individuals to leverage their talents in order to continue progressing their careers.
  • Recruitment and Selection – psychometric profiling to assist in the selection and development of senior executives and directors.
  • Team Building – unleashing the synergy of teams through gaining greater insight into both individual and team  strengths and weaknesses.
  • Facilitation and Training – a variety of workshops to help maximise performance, these range from strategic planning to  improving sales – workshops can be tailored to suit specific individual or organisational needs.
  • Specialist Coaching for Executive Stress – remedial change strategies for executives who are experiencing critical life events and experiences, or who are seeking an appropriate work life balance.
  • 90 Day Coaching – a high intensity coaching solution aimed at ensuring executives gain traction within the first 90 days of a  new role.
  • Talent Management Programmes – designed to develop talent and provide organisations with succession options.


    ·  Working Memory Training - improving the working memory of children and young adults. Click on The Memory Doctor for more information.






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